DBMonitor is shareware.

You may trial DBMonitor for 28 days after installation without restriction.  To continue using it after that period, you will need to purchase a registration key.

The cost of registration is as follows:

Single user: $US149.00
Five User: $US500.00
Ten User: $US800.00
Site License: $US1000.00

Click here to purchase

Why you should register.

Registration of DBMonitor helps pay for the research and development that has gone into this product and for the research and development of more tools for use with SQL Server.

By registering this product, you are keeping costs down which inturn means the cost of new products will also be lower.

Registration also allows you to download any updates to DBMonitor for all version 1.x versions.

How to register.  

Registration can be made by clicking on any of the payment links found on this site or by clicking on the following link:

Click here to purchase

After registration, please use menu item Help->About then click the Enter Registration button.