DBMonitor Features:

Database Connection Features:

  • Multiple database connections simutenously
  • Each connection settings automatically saved for future
  • Ability to save passwords
  • DBMonitor will search for availible SQL Servers
  • Disconnected servers display as red in server list

Logon Screen
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Server List Screen
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Server Performance:

  • Performance graphs displaying CPU Usage, Network IO, Physical IO and Response Time,
  • Graph displaying current connections and connected users,
  • Lastest statistical information appearing below graphs,
  • Current server time and server uptime displayed,
  • Email notification when server performance reaches configurable levels
  • Email notification when server disconnects unexpectedly

    Main Screen
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Session Monitoring:

  • Three different displays showing sessions grouped by user, database and individual processes,
  • Information summed up to group level (i.e. cpu usage and memory summed up to each user or database, and each process level),
  • Multi thread processes summed to process level with individual thread information seperately listed,
  • CPU usage, memory usage and physical io values displaying both current and changes between current and previous refreshes

Session Monitor Display
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Other Features:

  • Small footpring allowing monitor to still perform when SQL Server is running at close to 100%,
  • No need to configure SQL Server to run it against monitor
  • DBMonitor provides a current snapshot of the SQL Server helping to track processes that are using high cpu or memory power,
  • DBMonitor retains current system stats of last refresh in memory allowing you to see what was happening on a server prior to the server crashing
  • Ability to log performance counters to tab delimited file for future reference

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